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Register now for remaining places: 2nd GESIS Summer School in Survey Methodology

Although the registration deadline for the GESIS Summer School in Survey Methodology was on June 1st, you may still register for remaining places. You can also still put your name on the waiting lists for those courses that are booked out.

The summer school will be held from August 8 to 30 at GESIS Cologne, Germany.

19 courses are scheduled, most of which are one-week courses. You’ll find more information on our website at www.gesis.org/summerschool. We would be grateful if you could forward this information to potential participants.

Here is an overview of the courses on offer this year:

Short courses:

  • Course A: Survey Design
  • Course B: Qualitative Methods
  • Course C: Statistical Data Analysis Using R
  • Course D: Introduction to Research Data Management for Social Scientists

One-week courses:

  • Course 1: Introduction to Survey Design
  • Course 2: Unit Nonresponse (now cancelled)
  • Course 3: Mixed Methods
  • Course 4: Introduction to the Structural Equation Modeling Framework (now booked out)
  • Course 5: Item Nonresponse and Multiple Imputation
  • Course 6: Cross-National Research: Data Collection and Analysis (two- week course)
  • Course 7: Understanding and Modelling Measurement

Error in Social Surveys

  • Course 8: Sampling and Estimation for Complex Surveys
  • Course 9: Questionnaire Translation in Cross-cultural Surveys (now cancelled)
  • Course 10: Experimental Techniques in Survey Research
  • Course 11: Questionnaire Design
  • Course 12: Factorial Survey Designs
  • Course 13: Design and Implementation of Longitudinal Surveys
  • Course 14: Data Collection: Interviewer Training and Fieldwork Monitoring
  • Course 15: Web Surveys

Please go to our website www.gesis.org/summerschool for further information and a pdf brochure.
To apply, access to the registration system is at: http://www.conftool.org/gesis-summer-school.
Also check out our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GESISSummerSchool

There are two workshops held in English at GESIS in the autumn that you might be interested in:
07.-08.10.2013 Mannheim Introduction to questionnaire translation


28.-29.11.2013 Mannheim Introduction to Social Network Analysis


Der neue gesis report 1/13 ist erschienen!

Der erste gesis report im Jahr 2013 wirft in einigen Berichten noch einmal einen Blick zurück aufs vergangene Jahr und beleuchtet Veranstaltungen und Ereignisse aus den Wintermonaten 2012.

So war DataCite im Dezember nahezu Stammgast am Standort Köln und in Mannheim kamen zahlreiche Teilnehmende zu Workshops von DASISH oder ALLBUS.

Doch auch die Zukunft kommt in der aktuellen Ausgabe nicht zu kurz. Der report berichtet von der neuen Online-Zeitschrift „Survey Methods“, von der gestarteten SOFIS-Erhebung und kündigt mit dem GESIS Methodenseminar, mit der GESIS Summer School und der Effektiv-Fachtagung im April spannende Veranstaltungen im Jahr 2013 an.

GESIS Summer School in Survey Methodology (8-30 August, 2013)

The 2nd GESIS Summer School in Survey Methodology will take place at GESIS Cologne from August 08 to 30, 2013.

Surveys are the main method of systematic data collection in the Social Sciences. Surveys provide empirical data for researchers to analyse, and are an important source of information for business, charities and policy makers. There are numerous types of surveys suited for different purposes. Given the variety and complexity of survey research, designing and conducting a survey that effectively and efficiently serves a specific purpose requires specialised expertise and skill (as well as a good team).


The GESIS Summer School offers high quality training in state of the art techniques and methods of survey research. It aims to equip participants with essential skills in the design, planning, execution, documentation and quality assurance of surveys of households, individuals or organisations. This Summer School is unique in Europe with its focus on Survey Methodology and data collection.

The GESIS Summer School does not only give a broad overview of survey methods, but provides an opportunity to deeply engage with the different tasks of survey design and implementation (such as questionnaire design, sampling, nonresponse and fieldwork monitoring), different survey modes (such as personal interviews and web surveys), research designs involving surveys (such as mixed methods, factorial surveys, longitudinal surveys and cross-national surveys) as well as data management. The courses offer engaging instruction in state-of-the-art knowledge and application oriented skills, provided by an international team of survey specialists. Our instructors come from a diverse set of countries and fields, and we welcome applicants from all countries and fields.

Target audience

The Summer School is designed for advanced graduate and PhD students as well as post-docs and other researchers interested in improving their knowledge and skills in survey methodology from all relevant fields, such as Political Science, Sociology, Economics, Education Science, Communication Science, Epidemiology, Demography etc. Professionals from outside academic research who are working with surveys are welcome to apply. It is the right place to go for PhD students and researchers planning to run their own survey, but also for those who analyse secondary data, want to know more about how the data came about, how to assess their quality, and those who wish to engage in methodological research.

We are very thankful for the cooperation with the Center for Doctoral Studies in Social and Behavioral Sciences (CDSS) of the University of Mannheim. We also gratefully acknowledge the contributions made by our sponsors to a social and cultural program. It is greatly important to us that participants can meet outside the seminar rooms to have a good time and find new research collaborators and, indeed, friends. We aim to provide participants with a supportive social environment, a stimulating and academically rigorous program, and an exciting time in Cologne.

We hope you enjoy reading the program, and hope to see you in Cologne in August 2013!

Programm 2013

Registration and fees

Further information

GESIS Summer School in Survey Methodology 2013: Programme now online!

From August 8 to 30, 2013

19 courses, three and a half weeks, summer time, right in the center of Cologne, at GESIS: The 2nd GESIS Summer School in Survey Methodology. Registration will open in mid February.

Short courses:

One- and two-week courses:

Further Information

Der gesis report 5/12 ist erschienen!

Die neue Ausgabe des gesis reports berichtet auf elf Seiten u.a. vom Relaunch der da|ra-Website (Registrierungsagentur für Sozial- und Wirtschaftsdaten), von der erfolgreichen Premiere der 1. GESIS Summer School, von der Optimierung des Social Science Open Access Repository, von zahlreichen sozial- und informationswissenschaftlichen Veranstaltungen u.v.m. Auf den letzten Seiten finden sich dann wie gewohnt die News zu den Personalveränderungen bei GESIS.  

Zum Download der aktuellen Ausgabe
Archiv des gesis reports

1st GESIS Summer School in Survey Methodology

GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences offers a new research methods training opportunity:

The 1st GESIS Summer School in Survey Methodology

This event is designed for doctoral students and junior researchers who wish to conduct their own survey, improve their understanding of the generation and quality of existing survey data, or engage in methodological research. It will take place from August 9 to 25, 2012 at the University of Cologne, Germany.

The programme includes refresher courses, main courses around 10 themes, a stimulating evening as well as a social programme. The main course themes are:

1. Questionnaire Design
2. Complex Survey Sampling
3. Measurement, Interview and Data Quality
4. Mail Surveys
5. Web Surveys
6. Mixed Methods
7. Vignette Analysis
8. Nonresponse
9. Cross-National Comparative Surveys
10. Translation and Harmonisation in Cross-National Surveys

Online application has started, so please go to our website for further information, a pdf brochure, and access to the application system. Also check out our facebook page!

GESIS Summer School Application now open

We are happy to announce that application for summer school participation is now open. If you have already selected the course(s) you wish to apply for, you may go straight to the summer school application and registration system to set up a user account and apply for the various courses. Later on, you will be able log on again to edit your information, access payment details and print your invoice.

Otherwise, have a look at our main website first, where you find detailed information on all courses on offer. We have also prepared a pdf brochure – check it out!

We’re now on Facebook, too. We have entered the Summer School 2012 as an event where you can indicate to other people if you intend to participate. We hope this will allow you to connect with each other already before the summer school starts, e.g. to organise room sharing. Let us know what you think!

Please get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions. We’d also be grateful if you could spread the information to your friends and colleagues.

Best wishes,
Silke Schneider
& the GESIS Summer School team