Register now for remaining places: 2nd GESIS Summer School in Survey Methodology

Although the registration deadline for the GESIS Summer School in Survey Methodology was on June 1st, you may still register for remaining places. You can also still put your name on the waiting lists for those courses that are booked out.

The summer school will be held from August 8 to 30 at GESIS Cologne, Germany.

19 courses are scheduled, most of which are one-week courses. You’ll find more information on our website at We would be grateful if you could forward this information to potential participants.

Here is an overview of the courses on offer this year:

Short courses:

  • Course A: Survey Design
  • Course B: Qualitative Methods
  • Course C: Statistical Data Analysis Using R
  • Course D: Introduction to Research Data Management for Social Scientists

One-week courses:

  • Course 1: Introduction to Survey Design
  • Course 2: Unit Nonresponse (now cancelled)
  • Course 3: Mixed Methods
  • Course 4: Introduction to the Structural Equation Modeling Framework (now booked out)
  • Course 5: Item Nonresponse and Multiple Imputation
  • Course 6: Cross-National Research: Data Collection and Analysis (two- week course)
  • Course 7: Understanding and Modelling Measurement

Error in Social Surveys

  • Course 8: Sampling and Estimation for Complex Surveys
  • Course 9: Questionnaire Translation in Cross-cultural Surveys (now cancelled)
  • Course 10: Experimental Techniques in Survey Research
  • Course 11: Questionnaire Design
  • Course 12: Factorial Survey Designs
  • Course 13: Design and Implementation of Longitudinal Surveys
  • Course 14: Data Collection: Interviewer Training and Fieldwork Monitoring
  • Course 15: Web Surveys

Please go to our website for further information and a pdf brochure.
To apply, access to the registration system is at:
Also check out our Facebook page:

There are two workshops held in English at GESIS in the autumn that you might be interested in:
07.-08.10.2013 Mannheim Introduction to questionnaire translation

28.-29.11.2013 Mannheim Introduction to Social Network Analysis