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Start der Einreichungsphase für Herbstworkshop 2022

Dieses Jahr wird der Einreichungs- und Begutachtungsprozess für den Herbstworkshop erstmals über eine Konferenz-Software abgewickelt. Bitte gehen Sie hierzu auf den Konferenz-Link und legen ein Benutzerkonto an. Sie können im Laufe der folgenden Wochen mit diesem Benutzerkonto sukzessive:

  • einen Beitrag (oder mehrere) einreichen
  • als Gutachter*in fungieren
  • sich für die Teilnahme am Herbstworkshop in Berlin anmelden


Die Funktionen ähneln denen üblicher anderer Tools, die Sie vermutlich bereits kennen. Sollten Sie dennoch Fragen haben, wenden Sie sich gerne an uns:

Wichtige Deadlines:
29. April 2022: Deadline Einreichung
30. Juni 2022: Deadline Begutachtungen
08. Juli 2022: Bekanntgabe des Annahmestatus
26. Juli 2022: Deadline Anmeldung für Autor*innen (Es können nur Beiträge ins Programm aufgenommen werden, für die sich mind. 1 Autor*in bis zu diesem Termin angemeldet hat)
26. Juli 2022: Auslaufen des Hotelkontingents

Hier der vollständige CfP zum Download.

Termine des Herbstworkshops:

27. September 2022 (14.00 bis 18.00)

  • Workshop für Doktorand*innen (digital) / Teilnahme nur bei kostenpflichtiger Anmeldung zum Herbstworkshop möglich.

28. September 2022 (Nachmittag)

  • Workshop für Nachwuchswissenschaftler*innen / Teilnahme nur bei kostenpflichtiger Anmeldung zum Herbstworkshop möglich.
  • Abends: Networking-Event

29./30. September 2022

  • Herbstworkshop

Details zu Practicalities (Tagungsort, Hotelempfehlung, etc.) folgen.

CfP: 5th Global Conference on International Human Resource Management (19-21 May 2022)

Looking back over a decade of IHRM: Who knew the world could change so much?

The upcoming Fifth Global Conference on International Human Resource Management will celebrate a decade of developments in IHRM. As such, we would like to invite you to join us in New York City for presentations, discussions, and networking opportunities between scholars and practitioners. The IHRM field is broad and expanding, incorporating many disciplines including cross-cultural management, comparative HRM, strategic international HRM, and global leadership. Practice and research are focused on understanding why certain HRM activities fit a given national context or exploring how a multinational enterprise balances
the global/local paradox in managing its workforce.

We seek academic paper submissions that not only reflect on IHRM developments over recent times but also those that will broaden our understanding and pave the path for future IHRM research and practice. To this end, we invite submissions that cover conceptual, theoretical, and empirical investigations that adopt a broad range of methodologies and highlight the context-specific nature of HRM systems. Papers that address but are not necessarily restricted to the following topics are especially invited:

  • HRM models from emerging markets
  • Institutional and cultural perspectives on IHRM
  • HRM in multinational enterprises
  • Expatriate management and global careers
  • IHRM and informal social ties and networks
  • Global talent and knowledge management
  • Diversity, aging population, and generational challenges in different national settings
  • Ethics and corporate social responsibility in the globalization of work
  • High performance work systems in different national settings
  • Global leadership

Organizing Committee

  • Dr. Elaine Farndale, Dr. Rakoon Piyanontalee, and Carolyn Adrien (Center for International Human Resource Studies, Penn State, United States)
  • Dr. Sven Horak (St John’s University, United States)
  • Dr. Maja Vidovic (RIT Croatia)

View conference website: here
View the complete CfP: here

Deadline for all submissions: 13 February 2022.
Acceptance/rejection notification: 13 March 13 2022.
Registration deadline: 19 April 2022.

Jetzt anmelden: BWL.Weiter.Denken. Jubiläumstagung des VHB (08.-11. März 2022 in Düsseldorf)

Der Verband der Hochschullehrer für Betriebswirtschaft freut sich sehr, dass die Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf die 83. Jahrestagung unseres Verbandes im Jahr 2022 ausrichtet, mit der wir dessen 100-jähriges Bestehen feiern. Dem Anlass der Jahrhundertfeier angemessen, im Sinne der Verbindung von Tradition und Moderne, lautet das Generalthema in diesem Jahr „BWL.Weiter.Denken. Aus der Wissenschaft – für Unternehmen – in die Gesellschaft 100 Jahre VHB“.

Die Jubiläumstagung findet vom 08. bis 11. März 2022 als digital-hybride Veranstaltung statt.

Für die Anmeldung zur Jubiläumstagung des VHB gilt noch
bis zum 06. Februar 2022 Early Bird Tarif.

Zur Anmeldung
Zum Wissenschaftlichen Programm

Registration now open & CfP: International Conference in Vienna on Green HRM and Sustainable Behavior: New Developments and Challenges

This international conference hosted by the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Vienna) and the University of Augsburg addresses new developments in and challenges for Green HRM and Sustainable Behavior in and of organizations. Since the research field of Green HRM and Sustainable Organizational Behavior has grown quickly, we aim to offer an opportunity for international scholars to present and discuss recent findings of their studies. In addition, this conference marks the end of our FWF/DFG funded project on “Comparative Green HRM” led by Michael Muller-Camen and Marcus Wagner.

We welcome high quality contributions and work-in-progress submissions across research fields and theoretical backgrounds that advance our understanding of current developments and challenges (e.g. tensions and paradoxes) in the context of Green HRM and Sustainable Behaviors in the workplace. Potential areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Theoretical and/or empirical contributions on recent developments and challenges in Green HRM practices and Sustainable Behavior
  • Multi-level and comparative perspectives on Green HRM practices, Sustainable Behavior and their respective antecedents and outcomes
  • Responses to challenges of Sustainable Behavior that materialize in tensions, contradictions or paradoxes of sustainability
  • Nested and multi-level paradoxes that result from the inherent complexity of sustainability in a workplace context as well as preferences, norms, and (dis-)incentives for Sustainable Workplace Behaviors
  • Mixed methods approaches for investigating Sustainable HRM/company policies, Sustainable Behaviors, and their interplay
  • Research into the process and outcomes of determining key issues and policies for Strategic Green HRM within and between companies

Conference date: Thursday, 17 March 2022 to Friday, 18 March 2022, 13:00 to 21:00 CET/6:00 to 14:00 CT  /  Venue: Online and on the Campus of WU Vienna  /  Participation is free of charge.
View the complete CfP here.
Paper submission: Deadline 16 January 2022 by using this Online form.
Registration is now open until 20 February 2022 via the Conference Website.

Scientific Committee:

  • Prof. Susan E. Jackson (Department of Human Resource Management, Rutgers – The State University of New Jersey)
  • Prof. Yuan Jiang (Harbin Institute of Technology)
  • Prof. Michael Müller-Camen (Institute for Human Resource Management, WU Vienna)
  • Prof. Pascal Paillé (NEOMA Business School)
  • Prof. Andrew Spicer (Darla Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina)
  • Prof. Shuang Ren (Deakin Business School, Deakin University)
  • Prof. Douglas Renwick (Nottingham Business School, Trent University)
  • Prof. Marcus Wagner (Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, University of Augsburg)
  • Prof. Maurizio Zollo (Department of Management and Entrepreneurship, Imperial College London)

CfA: International Conference on Challenges in Managing Smart Products and Services (CHIMSPAS) in Bielefeld

We cordially invite researchers and practitioners from diverse management fields as well as from other disciplines to join us for another CHIMSPAS event (25 & 26 August 2022, hybrid format). Possible contributions should be submitted as extended abstracts. Both completed research and work in progress are eligible.

An award for the most influential conference contribution will be presented during the conference.

Topics of Interest

  • Business Information Systems Engineering (e.g., establishing smart service platforms)
  • Entrepreneurship (e.g., collaboration with startups in developing smart products)
  • Human Resource Management (e.g., new skills required, new working styles or cultural norms)
  • Innovation and Technology Management (e.g., barriers to smart product adoption and diffusion, acquisition of required technologies)
  • Logistics (e.g., continuous tracking of products w.r.t. location, current condition, environment)
  • Marketing (e.g., finer customer segmentation, better after-sale service, novel pricing strategies)
  • Organization (e.g., new organizational structures to coordinate units more closely)
  • Production (e.g., predictive analytics enabling service innovation in manufacturing, industry 4.0)
  • Services Management (e.g., smart service systems)
  • Strategic Management (e.g., new business model, importance of data, open or closed system)

Conference Organizers
Nicola Bilstein, JProf., Management of Smart Products, Bielefeld University
Christian Stummer, Prof., Innovation and Technology Management, Bielefeld University

Submission Deadline: April 3, 2022.
Conference (Hybrid format): August 25–26, 2022.
View the complete Call for Abstracts here.
Find a short video on the 2019 CHIMSPAS edition here.

CfP: EGOS sub-theme / PMJ Special Issue on Imperfect Projects

At the upcoming 38th EGOS Colloquium in Vienna, Austria (7–9 July 2022), the team of Alfons van Marrewijk (Delft University of Technology/The Netherlands), Iben Sandal Stjerne (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark) and Jörg Sydow (Freie Universität Berlin/Germany), organizes a subtheme on „Learning from imperfect projects“.  View full CfP here. Please submit your short paper by 11 January 2022.

Following this event, we will compile a special issue of PMJ, titled “Between Success and Failure: Imperfect Projects as Common Practice.” View full CfP here. Please submit your full paper by 30 September 2022. You are more than welcome to join this important conversation.

CfP: EGOS sub-theme Careers: Failure and Success in Changed Times

Im Rahmen von EGOS 2022 (Wien) wird ein sub-theme zum Thema „Careers: Failure and Success in Changed Times“ organisiert, ausgerichtet von Thomas M. Schneidhofer (Privatuniversität Schloss Seeburg/Österreich), Monika Hamori (IE Business School School/Spanien) und Xiao Chen (University of Prince Edward Island/Kanada).  Einreichungen von Short Papers sind bis zum 11. Januar 2022 möglich. Mehr Infos

CfP: Minitrack auf der HICSS 2022 zu dem Thema “Digitalization of Work“

The ongoing digitalization of our lives has revolutionized the working world. Concepts such as digital labor and playbour, the gig economy, the platform economy, the sharing economy, crowdsourcing, algorithmic automation, cloud-working, liquid work-force, esports, people analytics, the blockchain, human automation resource management, and Industry 4.0 have developed new digital professions and working conditions. They even led to an intensification of the work-life-blending. At the same time, the recent changes to our traditional working environments (i.e., COVID lockdown) have accelerated the need to extend and develop our digital approaches to working environments and practices (e.g., remote work) and our work-life balance. We are experiencing a paradigm shift in our workforce and working environments, which poses great opportunities and threats for the existing work forms and future forms of digitized work. This paradigm shift requires more significant, innovative, and multidisciplinary research that can address the current issues we are experiencing during the transition phase to a (hopefully) Post-COVID world and ways in which modern digital professions can guide the transition of our traditional work environments. It becomes evident that the working world has changed immensely in the last years and will change in the coming years fundamentally: “Analog” work forms will become more obsolete, and hybrid work forms will become the “new norm.”

In this minitrack, we are looking for theoretical, conceptual and empirical papers investigating the paradigm shifts of digital work. We anticipate submissions including (but not limited to) the following topics:

Employee Relations

  • Motivating the future digital workforce
  • Work-life-balance, work-life separation, and work-life-blending
  • Dealing with mental health issues in digitized work
  • Dealing with social isolation in digitized work
  • Dealing with the digital divide from a temporal and spatial perspective
  • Temporary groups (pick-up groups) transforming into long-term teams
  • Intercultural communication and intercultural challenges

Human Resource Management

  • Distant leadership and management of the digitalized workforce
  • The implications of AI and algorithmic leadership
  • Leadership for cloud-worker, click-worker, crowd-worker, and digital nomads
  • Gamification of performance measurements in digital work
  • Balancing self-leadership and intrinsic motivation with self-exploitation
  • Empowerment and motivation of the employees digitally
  • Skill development, learning, and talent identification in the digital environment
  • The design of virtual recruiting (e.g., gamified assessment center, virtual onboarding)
  • Establishing human automation resource management in the organization

Digital Work

  • Digital professions and practices
  • Balancing trust and surveillance in digital work and remote work
  • Augmentation of the work interface
  • Utilization of big data to empowering the digital employees
  • Platformization of digital work
  • Digitalized professions and work forms

Virtual and Borderless Organization

  • Foster (open) innovation and intrapreneurship
  • Fostering an organizational culture, work climate, commitment, and retention in a virtual organization
  • Dissolution of company borders into the borderless organization
  • Employee participation, collaboration, workers councils, and unions in a global digital world
  • Avoiding the digital Taylorism and tackling the power shift in the new work forms
  • Establishing employee-focused strategies and creating a sustainable busi-ness model
  • Professionalization of a hybrid workplace
  • Juridical and regulatory issues concerning remote and digitalized work
  • The role of the HR department in this digital world

Accepted papers will be considered for a publication in the German Human Resource Management Journal. For further Information please contact the chair of the minitrack.

Minitrack Co-Chairs:

Tobias Scholz (Primary Contact)
University of Siegen

Juho Hamari
Tampere University

Maria Törhönen
Tampere University

Brian McCauley
Jönköping University

Important Dates

April 15               Paper submission system reopened for HICSS-55
June 15                Papers due
August 17           Notification of Acceptance/Rejection
September 22   Deadline for Authors to Submit Final Manuscript for Publication
October 1           Deadline for at least one author of each paper to register for HICSS-55

Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier:

Call for Abstracts: CHIMSPAS 2021

Call for Abstracts
International Conference on
(August 26 & 27, either on-site or virtually)

Smart products and services are about to transform both markets and companies. In 2019, researchers discussed corresponding managerial issues during the first Conference on Challenges in Managing Smart Products and Services.Motivated by the fruitful first conference, we invite colleagues from diverse management fields to join us for a follow-up conference in 2021.

We plan the conference to be hold as an in-person event in Bielefeld, Germany, a lovely town in the center of East Westphalia, which is the home of numerous highly successful small and medium-sized enterprises with several of them being ‘hidden champions’ in their industries. Bielefeld University in particular hosts the Center for Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC) as well as the Institute of Technological Innovation, Market Development and Entrepreneurship (iTIME), which are concerned with engineering and economic issues of smart products and services. If the COVID-19 pandemic does not allow for an in-person conference, the CHIMSPAS 2021 will take place virtually or as a hybrid event.

We welcome conceptual, empirical, and analytical works to be presented at the CHIMSPAS conference. Possible contributions should be submitted as extended abstracts. Both completed research and work in progress are eligible.

Topics of Interest
Conference contributions need to be related to challenges in managing smart products and services, which might arise in diverse fields such as those listed in the following:

  • Business Information Systems Engineering (e.g., establishing smart service platforms)
  • Entrepreneurship (e.g., collaboration with startups in developing smart products)
  • Human Resource Management (e.g., new skills required, new working styles or cultural norms)
  • Innovation and Technology Management (e.g., barriers to smart product adoption and diffusion, acquisition of required technologies)
  • Logistics (e.g., continuous tracking of products w.r.t. location, current condition, environment)
  • Marketing (e.g., finer customer segmentation, novel pricing strategies)
  • Organization (e.g., new organizational structures to coordinate units more closely)
  • Production (e.g., predictive analytics enabling service innovation in manufacturing, industry 4.0)
  • Service Management (e.g., smart service systems, smart transformative services)
  • Strategic Management (e.g., new business model, importance of data, open or closed system)

Abstract Submission
Authors should submit their abstracts (maximum of 500 words) by April 1, 2021. Information on the submission procedure can be obtained via the conference website soon. There will be no publicly available conference proceedings and, thus, abstract submissions to the conference do not impede submission of the full paper to a journal afterwards.

Important Dates
Submission deadline: April 1, 2021
Authors notification: April 30, 2021
Early bird register closing date: May 31, 2021
Final registration date for all presenting authors: June 15, 2021
Conference: August 26–27, 2021

Call for Abstracts

CfP: 6th Biennial Conference of the Africa Academy of Management

January 8-10, 2022 at the German University in Cairo

As we usher in a new decade, our nations, institutions, and communities are facing grand challenges that include the impact of climate change, corruption, poor governance, persistent inequality, and political instability which collectively, define the context of management education and practice. In considering the theme of management praxis through the lens of sustainability, responsibility, and ethics, our aim is to explore answers to questions such as:

a) What role does management education play in preparing responsible and ethical leaders?
b) How are African institutions and organizations responding to, and preparing for, the realities and challenges of climate change and other grand challenges?
c) How can African countries and communities become resilient in the face of the volatile, uncertain, and complex environment in which we are living?
d) How are different types and sizes of businesses in the continent responding to, and mitigating against climate change? How are they engaging their various stakeholders in their sustainability efforts?
e) In what ways can leadership development help to prepare responsible ethical leaders?
f) How is sustainability and ethics reflected in public policies in Africa? How can public policy initiatives advance sustainability in management education and practice in the continent?
g) What is the role of African leaders and managers in addressing inequalities based on gender, ethnicity, class and sexual orientation? How can management help governance in Africa through leadership, values, ethics, and culturally-appropriate practices to transform the African enterprise?

The conference will be organized around the following tracks:

  • Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management
  • Strategy and International Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business
  • Social Issues in Management
  • Sustainability and Green Management
  • Management Practice
  • Public Policy, Administration and Non-Governmental Organizations.

Submission deadline: April 30, 2021

Call for Papers