Archiv des Autors: Florian Krause

Hinweis: Platform for easy 360° surveys / by academics for academics / is an online assessment platform that allows to quickly set up 360° surveys without headache (drag&drop). For free. With scientifically validated scales only. With appealing visual feedback. GDPR compliant. Data secure (including 2FA). Hosted by the University of Exeter and supported by multiple universities.

Very little effort to set up (even for big audiences), and participants get in-depth insights on:

  • how various others perceive them (classic 360°),
  • their trajectories over time (longitudinal),
  • comparisons with other participants around the globe (benchmarking).

See the overview of the currently available scientifically validated scales (all fully licensed):

CfP: Special Issue in the Journal of Business Economics – Navigating New Frontiers of Organizational Creativity in a Digital Economy

Guest Editors:
Anne-Katrin Neyer (Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg)
Christian Hoßbach (Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg)
Alwine Mohnen (Technical University of Munich)
Ignasi Capdevila (Paris Business School)

  • Abstract (1000 words) by 31 July 2024
  • Full Paper by 31 December 2024
  • Call for Papers