Zentrum und Peripherie

Hauke Brunkhorst, Sérgio Costa, Wenzel Matiaske et al.

Band 3: The Plurality of Modernity: Decentring Sociology

Erstellt von Simon Jebsen am Freitag 14. Mai 2010

Sérgio Costa, J. Maurício Domingues, Wolfgang Knöbl & Josué P. DaSilva (Eds.):
The Plurality of Modernity: Decentring Sociology

Starting from two different planes of analysis, this volume contributes to recent debates on the character of contemporary modernity(ies). At the macro-theoretical level, some chapters discuss the bases for a comparative sociology, in an emphatic sense, i.e., a sociology that deals with the complex and difficult articulation between the spreading of „modern” structures and forms of life from a few centres, and regional movements of recodification and reaction to advances of “western modernity”. In this confrontation new configurations arise, as does a type of interaction between the different regions of world society, which paradoxically removes from the presumed original centres their monopoly over the production of modern structures, signs and forms of life. At the empirical level, the book researches concrete features assumed by such a decentring dynamic of modernity in diverse contexts, as well as in different fields of social life.