VHB ProDok-Kurs “Longitudinal Data Analysis: Event History Models”

Longitudinal Data Analysis: Event History Models

The life course of organizations as well as individuals is characterized by a succession of important events. Organizations change their strategies, their structure, their leadership etc. and might cease to exist at some point in time. Individuals move from one job to another, climb up the career ladder, or get fired. These events indicate transitions from a certain origin state, e.g. an organization before a change of the CEO, to a certain destination state, here: the same organization with a new CEO. The best empirical tool for the analysis of these transitions are techniques of event history analysis. These methods, which belong to the wider class of longitudinal data analysis, are tremendously important in management research. An impressive amount of studies in this field addresses research questions, which are related to transitions from one state to another one.

This course aims at providing students with the most relevant techniques of event history analysis. At the end of this course, students should be able to understand the theoretical concepts of event history analysis as well as to apply these methods by themselves.


September 7-10, 2021


vorausichtlich München




Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Beck
Università della Svizzera Italiana


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