GESIS: Introduction to Social Network Analysis (28.-29.11.2013)

Instructors: Dr. Thomas Grund

Date: 28. – 29. November 2013

The empirical study of social network dynamics and emergence of social structures is currently receiving considerable attention. For example, novel actor-oriented modeling strategies that can be used to study how network structures evolve, dramatically change the way scholars assess the social world. This workshop gives an introduction to the statistical analysis of social networks. Topics include: introduction to R, network centrality and centralization, visualization, random networks, conditional uniform graphs, quadratic assignment procedure, p2 models, exponential random graph models, stochastic actor-oriented network models (SIENA), modeling of relational events.

Depending on the languages of the participants, the workshop will be held either in English or in German.

Learning objectives

You will gain a solid understanding of social networks and how they can be modeled.

Course entrance requirements

Some basic knowledge of regression analysis.

Further information