VHB ProDok Kurs “Foundational Theories of Strategic Management Research”

Foundational Theories of Strategic Management Research

Date: 19.07.-22.07.2021

The main objective of the course is to familiarize doctoral students with the basic assumptions, concepts and theories underlying the field. In essence, we want to help doctoral students to become independent scholars who are knowledgeable on the major theories in the field of strategy.

We typically start with reading the seminal work on the topic, followed by examining several recent empirical applications of the theory. The course is comprehensive, encompassing the following domains: Overview of the field of Strategic Management, Industrial Organization Approaches to Strategy, Resource-based View Approaches to Strategy, Transaction Cost Economics and Vertical Integration, Real Options and Sequential Decision Making, Principal-Agent Theory and Corporate Governance, Top Executives and the Upper-Echelons Perspective, the Governance Performance Relationship.


Freie Universität Berlin

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Prof. Michael J. Leiblein, PhD,

Ohio State University

Freie Universität Berlin


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