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Workshop ‘Daten des Nationalen Bildungspanels, des FDZ der Statistischen Laendesaemter und des IAB’ (‘Data of the National Educational Panel Study (NEPS), data of the RDC of the Statistical Offices of the Laender, and of IAB’)

The workshop will give basic information on available micro data. The presentations at the workshop will describe available data, give empirical examples and will point out the research potentials of the data. Representatives of all presenting institutions will be available during the workshop, providing an excellent basis for discussions on the data, networking and socializing.

Both, experienced researcher and beginners in the field are addressed by this workshop.

The workshop language is German. The workshop will be held on 10-11.June 2013 in the Congress Centre of the Federal Employment Agency in Nuremberg.

Further information: http://fdz.iab.de/de/FDZ_Events/datenws2013.aspx


Call for Papers: 4th User Conference of the RDC of the BA at the IAB

Date: April 8-9, 2011
Location: Institute for Employment Research, 90478 Nuremberg, Germany


The aim of the conference is the presentation and discussion of selected current research projects conducted by guests/users of the Research Data Centre (RDC) of the German Federal Employment Agency (BA) at the Institute for Employment Research (IAB). The conference will cover applications of the following data:

  • ALWA
  • BA Employment Panel
  • Establishment History Panel
  • KombiFiD data
  • IAB Employment Samples
  • IAB Establishment Panel
  • Integrated Employment Biographies Sample
  • Linked Employer-Employee Data from the IAB
  • PASS
  • Sample of Integrated Labour Market Biographies
  • SGB-II-Data
  • WeLL

Scientific committee

Prof. Dr. Thomas K. Bauer (Ruhr-University of Bochum, RWI)
Prof. Dr. Miriam Beblo (Berlin School of Economics and Law)
Stefan Bender (Institute for Employment Research – Research Data Centre)
Prof. Bernd Fitzenberger, Ph.D. (University of Freiburg)
Prof. Regina T. Riphahn, Ph.D. (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg)
Assistant Professor Johannes F. Schmieder, Ph.D. (Boston University)
Associate Professor Till Marco von Wachter, Ph.D. (Columbia University)
PD Dr. Ralf Andreas Wilke (University of Nottingham)
Prof. Dr. Elke Wolf (University of Applied Sciences Munich)

All members of the Scientific committee will give presentations (keynote or in sessions) and will join the whole conference.

Reimbursement of Travel Cost and Conference Fee

There will be a small budget to cover travel and accommodation expenses for speakers who do not have other financing possibility. If you want to apply for a refund, please inform us about the approximate amount of travel costs when submitting your paper. There is no conference fee for speakers. The conference fee for participants not presenting a paper is € 50.

Submission and Registration

  • Deadline for submissions: 23 January 2011
  • Notification of acceptance: 14 February 2011
  • Registration until: 13 March 2011

If you are interested in presenting at the conference, please send a title and a paper (or an expanded abstract) as electronic copy to iab.fdz(at)iab(dot)de. Presentations should be about 30 min. The conference language will be English. The program and further information will be available on the website of the Research Data Centre of the German Federal Employment Agency at the Institute for Employment Research: