Grounded Theory

Institution: see Organisers & Supporters

Programme of study: International Research Workshop

Lecturer: Dr. Gilberto Rescher (University of Hamburg)

Date: see Workshop Programme

Max. number of participants: 20

Credit Points: 5 CP for participating in the whole IRWS

Language of instruction: English

Contents: This workshop aims to offer a comprehensive introduction to Grounded Theory, considering its use in manifold fields and contexts of study and the feasibility of combining it with diverse research techniques (mainly qualitative and ethnographic ones). The workshop is as much oriented to “beginners” interested in learning about the basic epistemological perspective of Grounded Theory and its practice as to participants that already possess deeper knowledge about Grounded Theory or even have employed this methodology in research and wish to discuss specific aspects or questions that arose in research practice. Correspondingly, the workshop will be adjusted to participants’ needs.

Hence, we will discuss basic concepts and procedures like research design, data collection, coding, categorizing, writing memos, theoretical sampling and theoretical saturation. Then exercises based on examples; ideally, those attributed by participants will be employed to clarify these concepts by putting them into practice. Therefore, participants with concrete research projects (be it planned or already put in practice) are invited to share their ideas, design, and material to (further) develop research practices among the group. If you are interested in presenting examples, please contact Gilberto Rescher in English or German ( The lecturer will also stress his own research experiences to show how he uses Grounded Theory as an important guideline in a broader methodological setting.

In addition to your registration, please answer the following questions (English or German):

  • What is your current status (e.g. PhD student?)
  • What is the focus of your interest in Grounded Theory?
  • What sort of content and what feedback do you expect?

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