Uni Hamburg: PhD-Course SURVEY RESEARCH am 16. und 30. November 2020 sowie 18. Januar und 15. Februar 2021 (Zoom or Campus)

Course Instructors:

Dr. Timo Mandler (Touloulse Business School) for Part I and

Prof. Dr. Karen Gedenk (Universität Hamburg) for Part II

Course Value: 2 SWS or 5 LP; optional only one part equiv. 1 SWS or 2,5 LP


Course Overview:

This course is designed to lay the foundations of good survey-based research in different areas of Business Administration. It aims at (1) familiarizing students with key issues in designing surveys and equipping them with the necessary practical skills to implement and execute surveys efficiently, and (2) teaching them how to address various challenges related to the analysis of survey data. The course provides students with an overview of the survey research “tool box”. The course will take the form of four all-day workshops, with an emphasis on student participation. Presentations on key issues related to the design, implementation, and execution of surveys as well as to the analysis of survey data will be accompanied by practical demonstrations, in-class exercises, and assignments

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