#GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies: #CaseStudies, #ProcessTracing and #ComparativeAnalysis (04.-05.06.2020)

Target audience
Doctoral Students and Postdoctoral Researchers at GIGA and Partner Institutions

About the course
Case studies are the backbone of social science. At the same time, we need a stronger and more rigorous methodological backbone to case study research to maintain the leverage that knowledge from this within-case and cross-case methods can generate. In this two day workshop, we begin by looking at the case as a unit of analysis asking “of what is this a case?” (Lund 2014) before addressing specific methodologies of process tracing and comparative approaches. In particular, we will address different approaches to comparison, both variable-oriented and messier case-oriented comparisons, as well as area-based and across-area comparisons, to address the logic and value of comparing in the political and international analysis.

The workshop will, for the most part, consist of a mixture of lectures and practical interactive exercises. We will also make space for students to present briefly their projects in development as they pertain to the methods of the workshop.

This course will be offered online.

About the lecturer
Eleanor Knott is an Assistant Professor in Qualitative Methodology in the Department of Methodology at the London School of Economics.

Please note that other external participants than the one mentioned in the target group above are asked to pay a small course fee.

Registration closes 14 May 2020.

Further information and registration