Management Revue – Socio-Economic Studies – Vol. 25, Issue 2

2nd Issue 2014
Management Revue – Socio-Economic Studies, Volume 25

Open Issue

Marco Guerci & Abraham B. Rami Shani
Stakeholder involvement in Human Resource Management practices: Evidence from Italy
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Signe Pihl-Thingvad
Is self-leadership the new silver bullet of leadership? An empirical test of the relationship between self-leadership and organizational commitment
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Alexander Fliaster & Tanja Golly
Innovation in small and medium-sized companies: Knowledge integration mechanisms and the role of top managers’ networks
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Britta Boyd
Book review: Pramodita Sharma, Philipp Sieger, Robert S. Nason, Ana Cristina González L., Kavil Ramachandran (Editors): Exploring transgenerational entrepreneurship: The role of resources and capabilities
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Call for Papers

Perspectives on Sustainable Consumption
edited by Ortrud Leßmann, Torsten Masson, Wenzel Matiaske & Simon Fietze

Forthcoming Issues

Managing Diversity
edited by Gerd Groezinger, and Wenzel Matiaske

Labour Time – Life Time
edited by Wenzel Matiaske, Simon Fietze, Gerd Grözinger, and Doris Holtmann

Innovation Management & Innovation Networks
edited by Susanne Gretzinger, Simon Fietze, and Wenzel Matiaske

Financial Participation
edited by Wenzel Matiaske, Andrew Pendleton, and Eric Poutsma