Doktorandenweiterbildung: Academic Writing Workshop

Doktorandenweiterbildung: Academic Writing Workshop

Im Rahmen der Doktorandenweiterbildung wird vom 11.09.2014 bis 12.09.2014 (jeweils von 10:00 bis 17:30 Uhr) an der Helmut-Schmidt-Universität ein Workshop mit dem Titel “Academic Writing” angeboten. Die Workshopsprache ist Englisch.


This workshop addresses some of the difficulties in academic writing encountered by advanced users of English in all disciplines. Its main purpose is to identify problem areas in style and grammar, in the organization of ideas, and in the articulation of the author´s point of view.

Course objectives

  1. To provide an overview of the considerations involved in successful academic writing.
  2. To improve competency in writing by focussing on the procedures of writing.
  3. To provide simple and practical advice on the problems of writing academic texts (i.e. summaries, abstracts, research papers).
  4. To produce a piece of academic writing that successfully articulates the author’s point of view; demonstrates sophistication of argument; and provides a well-developed thesis and an effective, balanced analysis.


Zeitplanung und Anmeldung

Informationen zur Anmeldung finden Sie unter diesem Link.