Clusters in the Context of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, Smart Specialisation Strategies & Regional Development

University of Flensburg – University of Southern Denmark– Curtin University (Perth)
Cluster Workshop 2014: Sept. 15-16, 2014 in Flensburg


Clusters are still a hot topic for scholars from different disciplines. More recently, specific interestin the field was directed towards the establishment of entrepreneurial ecosystems, smart specialization strategies and regional development. Linking these topics into Public Policies and firm strategies in clusters is the central theme of this workshop.

The organisers of the workshop will organise an edited book or a special issue of a journal on the topic of the workshop theme. Participants at the workshop will have the possibility to submit their papers for refereeing for inclusion in the publication.


The workshop will take place between September 15 and 16, 2014 at the International Institute of Management of the University of Flensburg ( located in the very North of Germany at the border to Denmark.

Optional the participants may join a Work-in-progress workshop at the University of Southern Denmark in Sønderborg on September 17.

The workshop in Flensburg is held as a combination of keynote speeches, paper presentations, highly interactive session as well as a colloquium for doctoral students. The idea of the workshop/symposium in Sønderborg is to give the participants the possibility to present and discuss work in progress projects.


We are particularly interested in developing new knowledge in the area of firm clusters with regard to a resource-oriented perspective on clusters bringing together a wide range of multidisciplinary and cross sectoral approaches.

We invite papers from researchers and practitioners in the following topic areas:

  •  Smart specialisation strategies & clusters
  • Entrepreneurial ecosystems in clusters
  • Small business incubation in clusters
  • Cross-border clusters
  • The role of public policy in clusters
  • Firm resources, strategy and clustering
  • Cluster management and facilitation
  • Cluster mapping and evaluation
  • Best and worst practice cluster cases
  • Innovation networks


There will not be a fee for participation but it is expected that the participants pay for their transport, accommodation and meals during the conference.


Professor Kerry Brown & Professor John Burgess, Curtin University, Perth, Australia
Professor Susanne Gretzinger, University of Southern Denmark
Professor Susanne Royer, University of Flensburg, Germany

CFP_Cluster Workshop_2014