Qualitative Inquiry and Content Analysis with MAXQDA

Institution: see Organisers & Acknowledgements

Program of study: International Research Workshop

Lecturer: Heiko Grunenberg (Leuphana University Lüneburg)


02.10.2013, 09:00 – 12:30
04.10.2013, 09:00 – 12:30

Room: n.s.

Max. number of participants: 20

Semester periods per week: n.s.

Credit Points: 5 CP for participating in the whole IRWS

Language of instruction: German (the course Introduction to MAXQDA for Case Studies will be held in English and covers most topics of this course)


MAXqda is a software to analyze textual data in a qualitative (but also quantitative) way. The course provides a basic introduction into the logic of the program and its broad possibilities. The goal is to enable you to use this tool accordingly to your own method of analysis. For this reason, everybody can practice our working-steps at an own computer. We will start at the very beginning and learn about the basic features of the program such as preparation and import of texts, basic analysis strategies and creation of codes, memos and variables. After this, we will focus on analysis strategies, simple and complex text retrievals and other procedures. At the end, we will take some excursions into teamwork funcions and quantitative content analysis of counting and numbers.


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Kuckartz, Udo (2010): Einführung in die computergestützte Analyse qualitativer Daten. VS-Verlag: Wiesbaden.

Lewins, Ann/ Silver, Christina (2007): Using Software in Qualitative Research: A Step-By-Step Guide. SAGE: London.

You have to register for the 7th International Research Workshop to participate in this course.