GESIS: Mathematical Tools for Social Scientists

“Please find enclosed the link to detailed information about the course ‘Mathematical Tools for Social Scientists’.
The course will be given at GESIS in Cologne, Germany by Dr. Martin Elff on September 23–27, 2013.

The seminar is designed to help bridging the gap between school-level mathematics and mathematical knowledge needed to understand advanced statistical data reduction techniques in depth. You will be introduced to (or invited to ‘revisit’) essentials of e.g. the algebra of vectors and matrices, solving linear equations etc. and then arrive at understanding the mathematical background of derivatives of matrix and vector functions, the geometry of linear regression and principal components.

At the same time, you will learn the mathematical notation of the procedures and you will develop skills in applying R, a free software package for data analysis, statistical computation and graphical presentation. As a byproduct, you learn how to use R in the context of your research interests. R has a constantly growing number of ready-made modules for a wide range of statistical and graphical applications (currently more than 3790).

A detailed description of the course is available at: