GIGA Seminar in Socio-Economics: Prof. Holger Görg (Ph.D.)/March 15, 2012 (UPDATE)

This month’s GIGA Seminar in Socio-Economics will take place on

Thursday, March 15, 2012 at 2.30 p.m. in room 550 (updated).

Prof. Holger Görg (Ph.D.) present his work-in-progress on “Foreign Ownership Structure, Technology Upgrading and Exports: Evidence from Chinese Firms” (see attached Abstract).

Holger Görg is Professor of International Economics at Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel and the Kiel Institute for the World Economy. His main research interests are in applied international trade issues, in particular related to foreign direct investment, international outsourcing, trade and labor markets. His research has led to numerous academic papers published in international journals (such as Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of International Economics, Canadian Journal of Economics, Economic Journal, European Economic Review, etc.).