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SOEPnewsletter 101 published

The SOEPnewsletter 101 / July 2013 is now available.

We inform you about (selection):

  • The Future SOEP Metadata Portal: DDI on Rails
  • New Download Option to Be Provided with Upcoming SOEP Data Release
  • SOEP-IS 2011 Data Release
  • Use SOEP-IS for New Research Questions
  • IAB-SOEP Migration Sample
  • SOEP Wave Report 2012
  • SOEP Timeline Series “30 Years of the SOEP”
  • Updated SOEP and CNEF data Shipped
  • Some Events, especially the SOEP Anniversary
  • Personell

… and much more.

GESIS Workshops im Sommer 2013

Upcoming GESIS workshops in 2013

GESIS Workshops are short courses of one to three days, providing training relevant to all phases of the research data cycle and more. GESIS is continuously working on an interesting compilation of training courses, and added some new workshops to our program since our last newsletter. By the way, their website http://www.gesis.org/en/events/gesis-workshops/ gets updated on a regular basis. So it is worth having a look from time to time. The full list of workshops (including the ones held in German) is available at www.gesis.org/workshops.

SOEPnewsletter 93/July 2011

The new SOEPnewsletter 93/July 2011, is now available and can be downloaded from our homepage:

We provide information about:

*** SOEP Data

  • The new SOEP 1984–2010 data release (v 27)
  • What‘s new in SOEP 1984–2010 data release
  • CNEF—revised variables on household income
  • More comprehensive information on revisions of the SOEP data
  • How to become a SOEP Beta User
  • DOIs for the SOEP data
  • The new 2011 SOEP User Survey
  • How to protect the SOEP data on your computer when using services like DropBox, MegaUpload, and RapidShare

*** News from Cornell

  • New SOEP and CNEF Data
  • SOEP/CNEF access procedures
  • SOEP/CNEF Data Users Workshop at Cornell University, September 8–10, 2011
  • Cornell Conference on Cross-National Research, September 8, 2011
  • CNEF in the National Science Foundation Infrastructure Report

*** Events

  • SOEPcampus@Uni-Bielefeld/datalab@uni-bielefeld, September 26-30, 2011 (in German language)
  • SOEP at ESRA 2011 in Lausanne/Switzerland, July 18–22, 2011
  • SOEP at ASA 2011 in Las Vegas, August 20-23, 2011

*** Comment: SOEP at the new DIW Berlin research cluster “Public Finances and Living Conditions”

… and much more!

The SOEP group wishes you a happy SOEPing!

Elke Holst
editor SOEPnewsletter

SOEPnewsletter No. 91/2011

Dear Colleagues:

The new SOEPnewsletter No. 91/2011 is available now!

Please see: http://www.diw.de/en/diw_01.c.365578.de

We have good news: The main SOEP sample will be increased to about 3,000 households in 2011. Our fieldwork organization TNS Infratest Sozialforschung of the last 26 years will continue to work with us, they won the Europe-wide tender for a ten-year contract. The SOEP has been given greater autonomy: it is no longer a regular department but a “research infrastructure” in DIW Berlin. We are steadily improving our survey methods, see for the next steps in this process the Comment from Martin Kroh in the new SOEPnewsletter. Furthermore, we provide information about SOEP 1984–2009 data, data news from Cornell, PanelWhiz, the upcomig SOEPcampus@DIW Berlin Workshop ‘Einfuehrung in die Nutzung von SOEP-Daten’ (registration starts Jan 10, 2011), a lot of personnel news, new papers, new users, and much more….

The SOEP group is very grateful for your support and wishes you all a peaceful and happy new year!

Elke Holst
Editor SOEPnewsletter