VHB pro dok: Experimental Research and Behavioral Decision Making (03.-06.09.2018)

Concepts in behavioral economics such as loss aversion, overconfidence, reciprocity, and inequity aversion are increasingly used to explain deviations from rational behavior in economic decisions. In this PhD course, basic models of behavioral economics and theories used to explain behavior that differs from standard economic assumptions are presented and imparted based on experimental studies.

For this purpose, the essential methodological foundations of experimental economic research are introduced, anchored in scientific theory, and delimited from experimental research of neighboring disciplines. In the further course, experimental studies in particular from the fields of management research and business ethics will be extensively reviewed and discussed in order to present behavioral economics concepts and their effect on economic decisions. In addition, studies on the influence of personality disposition on economic decisions and their measurement in experiments are covered. In order to directly apply the acquired knowledge, the participants will develop their own experimental design and instructions in small groups and present their work in plenary on the last day of the course. Furthermore, there will be an introduction to programming with oTree within several tutorials.

Date of event: 03. – 06. September 2018

Location: Paderborn


Prof. Dr. René Fahr (Univerität Paderborn)
Dr. Behnud Djawadi (Universität Paderborn)


To get an overview of the amount of the participation fee and to register for the course, please use this link: http://vhbonline.org/veranstaltungen/prodok/anmeldung/

You can also send an email to prodok(at)vhbonline(dot)org.

Registration Deadline: 05. August 2018