University of Hamburg – School of Business: Recent developments in audit research and an approach to getting published

Institution: Universität Hamburg, Fakultät für Betriebswirtschaft

Course Instructor: Professor Nicole Ratzinger-Sakel (UHH)

Course Value: 2 SWS or 4 LP

Block course:
20 February, 2019 – 22 February, 2019,
Time: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Location: tba

Language of instruction: English

Application: Please send a current CV until January 12, 2019 to

Course Overview:
The main objectives of this PhD course include:

  • Introduce students to recent developments in audit research; hereby students will get
    knowledge about a selection of audit research papers recently published in highly ranked academic journals.
  • In addition, the course will enhance students’ ability to critically review the quality of research papers which is a meaningful element of the double-blind review process and extremely important for the quality of their own work. To do so, students will get an idea which “list” reviewers typically follow. Students are further expected to present and critically discuss papers that will be assigned to them.
  • Students will further get advices to getting their work published.
  • Finally, students should present their (first ideas of) own (audit) research ideas during the

Student evaluation: Presentation and critical discussion of assigned papers (papers will be
assigned to students after their application; each student is expected to present and critically
discuss one paper).