Management Revue – Socio-econ​omic Studies – Vol. 24, Issue 3

3rd Issue 2013
Management Revue, Volume 24

Special Issue
Theory and Practice of Flexible Work: Organizational and Individual Perspectives
edited by Jan Dettmers, Stephan Kaiser, and Simon Fietze


Theory and Practice of Flexible Work: Organizational and Individual Perspectives. Introduction to the Special Issue
Jan Dettmers, Stephan Kaiser, Simon Fietze
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Patterns of Organizational Flexibility in Knowledge-intensive Firms – Going Beyond Existing Concepts
Caroline Ruiner, Uta Wilkens, Monika Küpper
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The Implications of Flexible Work: Membership in Organizations Revisited
Angelika Schmidt
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Employment-related Demands and Resources – New Ways of Researching Stress in Flexible Work Arrangements
Tim Valhe-Hinz, Katharina Kirschner, Maja Thomson
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Conflict between Work and Life: The Case of Contract Workers in the German IT and Media Sectors
Shiva Sayah, Stefan Süß
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Call for Papers

Innovation Networks
edited by Susanne Gretzinger, Simon Fietze, and Wenzel Matiaske

Forthcoming Issues

Financial Participation
edited by Wenzel Matiaske, Andrew Pendleton, and Eric Poutsma

Managing Diversity
edited by Charlotte Gaitanides, Gerd Groezinger, and Wenzel Matiaske