CfP: Special Issue of Management Revue (Digital Working Life)

Authors are encouraged to submit research papers that are adressing the literature on digital working life. Working life is undergoing a radical change in which new digital technologies are changing the nature of labour and its organizational forms in a pervasive manner, regardless of whether it concerns qualified professionals or labourers. The framework, which previously regulated the content of work, as well as when, where and how it would be conducted is being reconsidered. A process that presents both challenges and possibilities. In the special issue the topic will be discussed in an appropriately broad and interdisciplinary manner.

Particularly interesting are research questions such as:

  • Virtual work and stress
  • Digital technologies and work-family boundaries
  • Virtual teams and E-leadership
  • Digital Taylorism
  • Virtual work and trust
  • Digital surveillance
  • […]

Deadline for full paper submissions: 30.09.2016

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