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42nd GESIS Spring Seminar: Aspects of Statistical Modeling with Survey Data (25.02.-15.03.2013)

February 25 – March 15, 2013


The lectures will be given in English by:

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Willem E. Saris with Dr. Melanie Revilla,
Dr. Bruno Arpino with Lea Pessin M.Sc.
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain
Two approaches for Causal Inferences in Non-Experimental Research:
Structural Equation Modeling and The Potential Outcome Approach

February 25 – March 1

Prof. Dr. Rens van de Schoot
Utrecht University, The Netherlands, & North-West University, South Africa
My first Bayes: Why and how to run your first Bayesian Model using Mplus
March 4 – March 8

Prof em. Dr. Jacques Hagenaars with Dr. Daniel Oberski
Tilburg University, The Netherlands
Handling Survey Complexities with Latent Class Analysis and Loglinear Modeling
March 11 – March 15

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