Grounded Theory

Institution: see Organisers & Supporters

Programme of study: International Research Workshop

Lecturer: Dr. Christine Moritz, Feldpartitur GmbH

Date: Monday, 10/09/18 – Wednesday, 12/09/18 (09.00-12.30 h)

Max. number of participants: 20

Credit Points: 5 CP for participating in the whole IRWS

Language of instruction: English


The key purpose of this workshop is to offer a comprehensive introduction to Grounded Theory and it is both, theoretically and practically, orientated. First, participants meet the so-called “essentials”: research design; data collection, open/axial/selective coding, categorizing, writing memos and theoretical sampling (the subjects theoretical sensitivity and generating theory will only be touched), then, second, examples might exercise and clarify these concepts. To assist participants to develop valuable and effective research practices, exemplars from current research projects will be assessed and critically reflected. In addition to your registration please submit a brief abstract (1-2 pp.) and answer following questions (en/ger):

  • What is your current status (e.g. PhD student?)
  • What is the focus of your interest in Grounded Theory?
  • What sort of content and what feedback do you expect?

Requirement of students: Brief abstract answering the above-mentioned questions.

Recommended literature and pre-readings: None.

You have to register for the 12th International Research Workshop to participate in this course.