HSU-Doktorandenweiterbildung 2016: Reminder/update on the “Lecture on nonparametric statistical methods”: Dates and places

Institution: Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Hee-Young Kim, Department of Applied Statistics, Korea University, Sejong, South Korea

Dates: Mondays: 15:45-17:15, Seminarraum 0205
Tuesdays: 08:00-09:30, Seminarraum 0205
The first lecture will take place on 04. October 2016

Place: Helmut-Schmidt-Universität, Holstenhofweg 85, 22043, Hamburg

Language of instruction: English

Registration: Please notify either Prof. Christian Weiß or Axel Czaya via email.

In the upcoming trimester (Herbstrimester 2016), Prof. Hee-Young Kim (Department of Applied Statistics, Korea University, Sejong, South Korea), visiting professor at the Chair of Quantitative Methods in Economics (Prof. Christian Weiß), will hold a lecture on nonparametric statistical methods. Although this lecture is directed at students in the first place, scientific staff is nevertheless, within the framework of the “HSU-Doktorandenweiterbildung”, cordially invited to attend. Among the issues being addressed are:

  • Nonparametric statistical methods for dichotomous data,
  • for one-sample and two-sample location problems,
  • for two-sample dispersion problems and other two-sample problems,
  • for location problems under a one-way or two-way layout,
  • for analyzing the cross-dependence of bivariate data,
  • and for regression analysis.

The lecture will be held in English. Due to regulatory requirements, credit points can unfortunately not be awarded to Ph.D. students for attending the lecture, as was held out in prospect in the first announcement.