WiSo-Graduate School UHH: Topics in Personnel Economics

Institution: Graduate School at Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences – Universität Hamburg

Lecturer: Jan Sauermann, PhD (Stockholm University, Sweden)

Mi., 25.05.16, 15-18 Uhr
Do., 26.05.16, 15-18 Uhr
Fr., 27.05.16, 15-18 Uhr
Mi., 01.06.16, 15-18 Uhr
Do., 02.06.16, 15-18 Uhr
Fr., 03.06.16, 15-18 Uhr

Place: Universität Hamburg, Von-Melle-Park 9, Room A 215

Registration: You can register for the course until 14.04.16 (13:00) via Geventis

Course description:
In this course, we study selected topics from personnel economics. The course is mostly based on journal articles; the textbooks by Lazear (1995) and Garibaldi (2006) can be used for background reading. The aim of this course is to give an introduction to personnel economics with a particular focus on (recent) empirical studies. The course will consist of lectures and student presentations of selected papers from the reading list.

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