WiSo-Graduate School UHH: Corporate Strategy and Organizational Performance (Paper Development Workshop)

Institution: Graduate School at Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences – Universität Hamburg

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Timo Busch (UHH) / Prof. Bran Stinchfield, PhD (Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, USA)

Mo., 30.05.16, 10-18 Uhr
Di., 31.05.16, 10-18 Uhr

Place: Universität Hamburg, Welckerstr. 8, Room 2.16

Registration: You can register for the course until 14.04.16 (13:00) via Geventis

Course description:
The aim of this paper development workshop is to promote excellent PhD-research in the area of business administration and strategic management (BWL). The concept of the workshop is inspired by similar workshops held at the annual meeting of the Academy of Management.
The two day workshop concentrates on improving the research design and methodology of participants’ paper-projects. Thus, this workshop is focused on academic papers; not on monographs / PhD ideas. Besides content-related discussions, students will get valuable feedback from their peers and two strategy professors. The aim is to support students in developing excellent research papers.

Requirement for participation is that PhD-students work in the area of corporate strategy and/or organizational performance and that they have a paper completed so that it is almost ready for journal submission. This paper needs to be submitted prior to the workshop to Rita Streitt (see below). Each PhD-student will obtain suggestions for improvement; the idea is to move the paper to a level so that there is a high likelihood of a revise and resubmit.
To guarantee an intensive learning process, attendance is limited to 14 PhD-students. First come, first served via enrollment at Geventis (https://www.geventis.uni-hamburg.de). Each student will present his/her paper at the workshop (about 20 min; ppt slides may be used). Afterwards another PhD student will discuss the paper and the two professors will provide in-depth feedback regarding aspects such as hook, theory, methods, and overall story.
Participation is awarded with 4 credit points.

Important deadline: May 15th for paper submissions. Please send your paper to Rita Streitt: Rita.Streitt@wiso.uni-hamburg.de

The two professors are:

  • Professor Bryan T. Stinchfield, Ph.D.
    Department of Business, Organizations, and Society Franklin & Marshall College, USA
  • Prof. Dr. Timo Busch
    Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences, University of Hamburg, Germany

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