SDU: Theory Building and Conceptual Paper Development in Management and Organization Studies (15.09.-19.09.2015)

Time: Tue, Sep 15 – Sat, Sep 19, 2015

Location: University of Southern Denmark, Sønderborg, Denmark

Lecturers: Sascha Albers (U. Southern Denmark), Jennifer Gibb (U. Waikato)


Good research is based on sound theory. If this claim is true, it is essential for every scholar to understand what theory is, what theory is not, which types of theory there are, how to skillfully apply, extend, build on and connect extant theories and even, how to develop new theory. Every PhD student will attempt to develop theory in at least one of the aforementioned ways. The key purpose of this course is to increase participant understanding on how to identify and read theories and to identify theory building preferences, as well as to apply nonempirical theory building techniques in management.

Registration deadline: June 11, 2015

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