Call for Abstracts for the Session “Transnational Networks” at the XXXIII. Sunbelt Conference, May 21 – 26, 2013 in Hamburg, Germany

Transnational networks – Call for Abstracts for a session at the XXXIII. Sunbelt Conference, May 21 – 26, 2013 in Hamburg, Germany

organized by Andreas Herz, Sören Petermann and José Luis Molina

Transnational studies focus on the border-crossing activities of individuals, migrant groups, corporations and social movements. A central innovation of the concept “transnationalism” depends on a perspective which refers to cross-border relationships and networks. E.g. looking at personal networks it can be seen that more and more people have highly transnationally dispersed relationship structures wherein the “social” is only partly routed in the “local”. Especially relational approaches and social network analysis (SNA) allow reconsidering and researching the cross-cutting transfer of ideas, transnational support as well as the formation of opinions and lifestyles beyond different geographical spaces and nation states. We invite presentations to discuss the transnational and geographically dispersed social formations form a network perspective. Possible questions are:

  • What role do cross-border social networks play to migration, mobility, science and entrepreneurship?
  • What is the structure of cross-border formations? What role does transnationality play for the provision of different resources?
  • Which network approaches can be addressed in observing transnational distribution of networks? What measures have potential to express structure of transnationality?
  • How can network analysis help to understand the interrelationship between social space and transnational and/ or geographical space? What is the relation between distance and transnationality?

Submission will be closing on December 31 at 11:59:59 EST. Please limit your abstract to 250 words. Proceed to abstract submission:

When submitting your abstract, please select “Transnational networks” as session title in the drop down box on the submission site. To be extra sure please put a note in the “additional notes” box on the abstract submission form that states Andreas Herz, Sören Petermann and José Luis Molina as the session organizers.

Andreas Herz, University of Hildesheim Foundation
Sören Petermann, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity

José Luis Molina, University Autònoma de Barcelona