IRWS Course Registration

The IRWS 2010 is almost fully booked. Only the following course combination are available:

  • Data Analysis with R
  • Introduction to the SOEP/Analysing Panel Data OR Qualitative Comparative Analysis
  • Network Analysis OR Teching Skills

Please contact the workshop organizers at if you want to participate in the workshop.

The courses at the IRWS have at the moment the following number of participants:

Morning Lectures

  • Data Analysis with Stata (Beginners): 21 (fully booked)
  • Data Analysis with R: 16
  • Qualitative (Expert) Interview/MaxQDA: 23 (fully booked)
  • Questionnaire Design: 23 (fully booked)

Afternoon Lectures

  • Introduction to the SOEP/Analysing Panel Data: 27
  • Data Analysis with Stata (Intermediates): 21 (fully booked)
  • Case Study Research/MaxQDA: 25 (fully booked)
  • Qualitative Comparative Analysis: 11

Alsion Lectures

  • Network Analysis: 18
  • Multilevel Modeling: 26 (fully booked)
  • Teching Skills: 16
  • SEM with AMOS: 24 (fully booked)

(last updated: 02.08.2010)