Stellenanzeige der WU Wien

The Institute for Human Resource Management of Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien is currently inviting applications for a

75% (30 hours/week) Teaching and Research Associate position (pre-doc).

This will be limited to a period from December 1, 2011 (commencement date subject to change) until November 30, 2017 (ArbeitnehmerIn der Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien gem. § 128 UG 2002 idgF). Depending on prior qualification, the gross salary will either be 25.812 or 30.720 € per year.

Please note that under the terms of the WU personnel development plan, the position of Teaching and Research Associate is limited to an employment period of not more than six years. Applicants who are already employed at WU as substitute employees can therefore only be employed for the time remaining to complete the six-year period. Persons who have already been employed at WU in a Teaching and Research Associate position can only be re-employed in a Assistant Professor, tenure track position.

Responsibilities: The successful candidate will provide support to the HRM faculty in teaching (2 hours per week of independent teaching) and administrative work while pursuing an active program of academic research and a PhD. As German is the working language of the group, candidates who are not fluent in German, are expected to learn this within two years.

Application materials can be submitted online until October 19, 2011

Further Information