VHB-Pro-Dok: DESIGN SCIENCE in St. Gallen (25.-28.05.2020)

Seit mehreren Jahren bieten Professor Jan  vom Brocke (Universität Liechtenstein) und Professor Robert Winter (Universität St. Gallen) den beliebten Kurs „Design Science” an. In diesem Jahr wird der Kurs vom 25. bis 28 Mai 2020 in St. Gallen stattfinden.

Design Science Research (DSR) is a promising research paradigm that intends to generate knowledge on the design of innovative solutions to real-world problems. As such, DSR is specifically useful incontributing to the solution of societally and practically relevant challenges. At the same time, matured methodological foundations are available today, specifically supporting publishing DSR research both at conferences and top-tier journals.

This course gives an introduction to Design Science Research (DSR). It focuses on planning and conducting design science research on Ph.D. level. It is intended to provide state-of-the art methodological competences for all Ph.D. students in business whose research is not solely  descriptive/explanatory, but also comprises components where artefacts are purposefully designed and evaluated.

While Design Science Research is very common in Information Systems research, purposeful artefact design and evaluation are found in many other business research fields like, e.g., General Management, Operations Management/Management Science, Accounting/Controlling, Business Education, or Marketing. Although Design Science is often conducted implicitly, the methodological discourse in the Information Systems has led to a high level of reflection and to the availability of a large number of reference publications and cases, so that examples and cases will often originate from this domain. It should however be noted that Design Science as a paradigm is applicable and is used in nearly all fields of business research. As a consequence, this class is not only part of the Information Systems ProDok curriculum, but intentionally being positioned as cross-domain class.

The goal of the course is to provide Ph.D. students with insights and capabilities that enable them to plan and conduct independent Design Science research. To achieve this goal, students will engage in a number of activities in preparation and during this four-day course, including preparatory readings, lectures, presentations, project work, and in-class discussions. The course format offers an interactive learning experience and the unique opportunity to obtain individualized feedback from leading IS researchers as well as develop preliminary research designs for their own Ph.D. projects.

Anmeldung und weitere Infos:
Interessierte können sich noch bis 12. April 2020 per Email an prodok@vhbonline.org anmelden.

Weitere Informationen zur Anmeldung finden Sie unter https://www.vhbonline.org/veranstaltungen/prodok/anmeldung-teilnahmebedingungen-und-zahlungsmodalitaeten.

Um sich über das ProDok-Angebot zu informieren, folgen Sie bitte diesem Link: http://prodok.org. Für Rückfragen steht Ihnen die Projektkoordinatorin Kathrin Schöps (kathrin.schoeps@vhbonline.org) von der Geschäftsstelle des VHB gerne zur Verfügung.

Hier erhalten Sie außerdem das VHB-ProDok Kursverzeichnis 2020.