VHB-Pro-Dok: APPLIED REGRESSION ANALYSIS in Berlin (12.-15.05.2020)

Vom 12. bis 15. Mai 2020 findet wie jedes Jahr der sehr erfolgreiche VHB-ProDok Kurs „Applied Regression Analysis” in Berlin statt.  Durchgeführt wird der Kurs von Professor Georg von Graevenitz (Queen Mary University of London) und Professor Stefan Wagner (ESMT Berlin).

This course will provide participants who have basic skills in statistics and econometrics with an introduction to current core methods used in the analysis of observational, experimental and quasi-experimental data. The methods covered are widely used in  economics and increasingly also required for good publications in top management journals. The aim is to cover theory and selected applications, but more importantly to introduce participants to the use of statistical  software that will allow them to apply the methods discussed in the course to data.

This course covers important methods used in the multivariate  analysis of data. The course revisits basic concepts of the linear regression model and its properties and covers selected advanced topics such as the analysis of duration data and (quasi) experimental designs as well as methods to deal with the problems of endogeneity and sample selection. The theoretical basis of these methods is discussed but the focus of the course is on the application of the methods to data sets. Applications will be studied with the help of data provided by the lecturers and with reference to recent publications.

After the course, participants will…

  • have a basic understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of multiple regression models.
  • be able to apply regression methods to the investigation of economic relationships and processes.
  • understand the econometric methods, approaches, ideas, results and conclusions met in the majority of economic books and articles.
  • be aware of common pitfalls and mistakes to avoid when conducting regression analysis.
  • be able to use the software program STATA to carry out empirical analysis based on regression analysis

Anmeldung und weitere Infos:
Interessierte können sich noch bis 12. April 2020 per Email an prodok@vhbonline.org anmelden.

Weitere Informationen zur Anmeldung finden Sie unter https://www.vhbonline.org/veranstaltungen/prodok/anmeldung-teilnahmebedingungen-und-zahlungsmodalitaeten.

Um sich über das ProDok-Angebot zu informieren, folgen Sie bitte diesem Link: http://prodok.org. Für Rückfragen steht Ihnen die Projektkoordinatorin Kathrin Schöps (kathrin.schoeps@vhbonline.org) von der Geschäftsstelle des VHB gerne zur Verfügung.

Hier erhalten Sie außerdem das VHB-ProDok Kursverzeichnis 2020.