Hamburg Business School: Doctoral study courses in winter semester 2018/19

The following doctoral study courses will be on offer at the Hamburg Business School in winter semester 2017/18:

  • HCHE Research Seminar and PhD Course (12.-13.11.2018)
    Patricia Born (Informationen)
  • Behavioral & Experimental Economics (4 Termine, Start 14.12.2018)
    Markus Nöth & Guido Voigt (Informationen)
  • Advanced Modelling and Optimization (Blockkurs 17.-21.12.2018)
    Malte Fliedner & Knut Haase (Informationen)
  • Recent Developments in Causal Inference (Blokkurs im Januar)
    Martin Spindler (Informationen)
  • Survey Research (4.-6.2.2019, Kick-off 5.11.2018)
    Karen Gedenk (Informationen)
  • Recent Developments in Audit Research and an Approach to getting Published (20.-22.2.2019)
    Nicole Ratzinger-Sakel (Informationen)

See also for further information on the doctoral studies program of the Hamburg Business School.