GESIS international Workshop: Introduction to Research Data Management for Social Scientists

Good research data management practice minimizes the risk of data loss, ensures research integrity and facilitates replication; it enhances data security, research efficiency and reliability, and over the long-term, saves time and resources. Moreover, data management planning and data re-use is increasingly a requirement of funding organizations. The workshop sessions include a basic conception of data management, advice on writing a data management plan, licensing data for reuse or to reuse, consent and ethics for data reuse, file formats, documentation and metadata, data storage, back-up and security, data management in collaborative research, and archiving your data. The workshop promotes an interactive hands-on approach to looking after your research data and encourages discussion amongst participants on sharing problems and experiences.

Target groups: social science researchers working with qualitative or quantitative data (principal Investigators, researchers parts of project teams, individual researchers, and PhD students)

Language: English

Fee: Regular: 180 EUR, PhD Students: 120 EUR

Deadline: 3 February. Early applications are encouraged, there are only 20 available seats.

Further details and application form available here.