CfP: Corporate Governance: An International Review – Call for Special Issue Proposals

Corporate Governance: An International Review invites proposals for special issues
that focus on a specific area of research that has broad appeal and fits with the aims
and scope of the journal. The mission of CGIR is to publish cutting-edge international
business research on the phenomena of corporate governance throughout the global
economy. We define corporate governance broadly as the exercise of power over
corporate entities so as to increase the value provided to the organization’s various
stakeholders, as well as making those stakeholders accountable for acting responsibly
with regard to the protection, generation, and distribution of wealth invested in the firm.

Special issue subjects have to be broad enough to attract general interest and
sufficiently focused to be dealt within a single issue. In general, special issues should
avoid a too narrow geographic focus and be open to contributions with various
disciplinary framings, methods or levels of analysis. Special issues have to be the
outcome of an open call for papers and must not be restricted to scholars who can
attend a particular conference. Nonetheless, offering a paper development workshop
for submitted manuscripts or revised submissions could be helpful (but is not
necessary) in increasing the quality of contributions and meeting the high standards of
CGIR that accepts about 5% of all submissions.

Deadline for Submissions of Proposals: August 1, 2021

Call for Proposals