CfP: Special Issue im International Journal of Human Resource Management: „New ways of working Understanding the implications for employees across different cultural and organisational contexts“

Guest editors:  Kerstin Alfes, Argyro Avgoustaki, T. Alexandra Beauregard, Almudena Cañibano, Maral Muratbekova-­Touron

The objective of the special issue is to bring together research, which explores the implications of new ways of working for employees’ attitudes, performance, and wellbeing. The guest editors welcome theoretical and empirical submissions which provide a more nuanced understanding of how employees experience and are affected by work in less traditional work structures in order to depict a holistic picture of contemporary work arrangements. Specifically, the guest editors are interested in studies which explore how employees experience telecommuting, holacracy, empowerment‐based team structures, amongst others. They also encourage submissions which analyse how employees react to organisational changes driven by digitalisation and artificial intelligence. Moreover, they welcome studies which analyse the positive and negative implications of platform-based employment structures and algorithmic management, i.e. management via automated digital platforms (e.g. Amazon, Lyft, Uber, etc.) for employees. Potential research areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Individual experiences of new ways of working
  • The implications of new ways of working for employees over time
  • The increasing segmentation of the workforce and the implications of new ways of working for different sub-groups of the workforce
  • The implication of algorithmic management for employees’ careers and wellbeing
  • Digitalisation and new ways of working
  • Changing approaches to work in diverse cultural and institutional contexts

This special issue is linked to the 2020 International HRM conference hosted at ESCP Europe’s Paris campus in June 2020. Authors have the opportunity to submit a paper to the conference and participate in a developmental session, before submitting the manuscript to the IJHRM. The guest editors invite authors to submit abstracts via In case the abstracts have been accepted, the authors will upload a full paper to the conference in May 2020.

Deadline for the submission of Full Papers: 31 July 2020

Invitation for the submission of abstracts