CfP: German Journal of Human Resource Management: Special Issue: “Always on, never done? How the mind recovers after a stressful work day”

Short Overview:

What goes on in workers’ minds after a stressful work day and what is it about their jobs that got them thinking like this? This Special Issue of the German Journal of Human Resource Management (GHRM) aims to bridge the gap between research on cognitive recovery processes (e.g., detachment, work reflection, rumination, problem-solving pondering) that were mainly examined in Occupational Health Psychology, and research on employee stress and working times (Blagoev et al., 2018) in the field of Human Resource Management. We hope that this integration will not only stimulate theoretical advancement concerning recovery from work but also uncover important practical implications that help organizations respond to currently pressing HR challenges. 

Recent changes in workplaces may lead to greater work stressors and can harm employee wellbeing, health, motivation and work performance (Kubicek and Tement, 2016; Sonnentag, 2018). Previous research has shown that recovery during (Syrek et al., 2018; Wendsche et al., 2016) and after work (De Bloom et al., 2009) is important to attenuate potential adverse effects. Following this line, scholars have focused on work cognitions during recovery periods from different perspectives: cognitive distancing from work and engaging in work-related thoughts during recovery periods.

They invite submissions to this Special Issue from either psychological, sociological or economic perspectives. They welcome empirical studies, systematic reviews or conceptual papers which promote theoretical advancement.


  • Submission deadline (extended abstracts): October 31st, 2019
  • Expected date of publication: February 2021

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Here you can find a summary of the content of the newly published Februrar issue of the GHRM.