CfP: “Organizing Creativity in the Innovation Journey”

The International Conference will take place from July 11th– 12th2019 at the Freie Universität in Berlin.

Demands for creativity today range well beyond typically “creative” and cultural industries to most sectors of the economy and, as some would argue, even society at large. Seen as the basis for innovating new products, processes or services, creativity is no longer considered as an individual personality trait but as a subject of intentional organizing. Such organizing efforts not only occur within formal organizations like firms, schools, universities or (non-)governmental organizations, but increasingly cross organizational boundaries to include interorganizational networks as well as clusters, communities and crowds. Regardless of the context in question, central challenges for organizing creativity revolve around the following themes: When and in what ways do slack or constraints foster creativity? How do organizations allow for and even foster moments of serendipity, even in highly-structured innovation processes? Does the uncertainty that characterizes creative processes hinder or stimulate creativity? What is the role of rules and regulations in reducing or inducing different kinds of uncertainty? What are the social dynamics unfolding in physical and virtual spaces for creative collaboration?

They call for papers that address these and related questions for a conference convened by the DFG-funded Research Unit “Organized Creativity” at the School of Business & Economics of the Freie Universität Berlin. 

The International Conference is scheduled for two full days and will adopt a classic format with paper presentations and assigned discussants.

Deadline for papers:

Full paper by March 15, 2019

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