CfP: Organizational Theory: Paternalistic Work Regimes. Historical and Contemporary Perspectives – Seminar at the IUC Dubrovnik (April 8-12, 2019) & Special Issue management revue

Since several decades, researchers are giving more attention to organizational culture – or more precisely the values, rituals, symbols and heroes of the organizations. This is a development that has been accelerated by the trend towards flexible organizations and men in the era of new decentralization. This development is recently reinforced by the digitization of working life. In relation to these concepts, we see a renewed interest in the concept of (industrial) paternalism.

Paternalism, in some contexts termed welfare capitalism, is a term used in various academic disciplines, such as anthropology, history, sociology and economics. The purpose of this seminar and the special issue of management revue – Socio-Economic Studies is to highlight the historical and contemporary relevance of the concept in cross-disciplinary discussions. Some context to discuss in order to clarify the concept of paternalism are listed below:

• paternalism as a historical phenomenon
• moral economy
• management practices
• labour market relations
• the welfare state
• paternalism in an international comparison

These are just some ideas and not an exhaustive list. The seminar welcomes empirical studies as well as theoretical papers and provides sufficient time for discussion and reflection.

Deadline (abstract of 5 pages): before December 31st, 2018

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