MREV – Call for Papers: Echoes of an Era – A Century of Organisational Studies

Hundred years ago, Henri Fayols “Administration Industrielle et Générale”, a milestone in the history of organizational thought, was published. This centenary motivates the editors of the Management Revue to launch a stream on the history of organizational studies. In the forthcoming volumes, and rather on an infrequent basis, we would like to publish contributions which not only introduce the reader to one or several, interrelated seminal works of organizational theory, but also provide accompanying commentaries and an analysis of their history of effects.

The Special Stream of Management Revue (MREV), named „Echoes of an Era – A Century of Organisational Studies“, will be open to submissions until the end of 2017 in the first place.

Managing Editor:
Wenzel Matiaske, Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg (Germany)

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