CfP: Special Issue of Management Revue (Post-Growth Organisation)

Authors are encouraged to submit research papers that are addressing the literature on post-growth organizations (PGOs). The specific aim of this special issue is to substantiate the debate on post-growth, steady-state and de-growth from an organizational perspective. We do not restrict our focus on PGOs to the economic domain, but also take social and ecologic concerns, such as social entrepreneurs, into account. We call for contributions discussing different perspectives on PGOs, investigating their characteristics and limits. Furthermore, we embrace contributions investigating the range and coverage of PGOs as an organizational possibility in a future, post-growth society.

Possible research questions:

  • What characterizes the organization and the management of PGOs?
  • What are the limits and prospects of PGOs in the transformation of capitalism?
  • Is it possible to turn traditional organizations into PGOs?
  • […]

Deadline for abstract submissions: 30.09.2016

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