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Call for Papers: Dynamic Capabilities for Strategic Change in Practice

Call for Papers

Dynamic Capabilities for Strategic Change in Practice

 31th EGOS Colloquium, Sub-theme
2.-4. Juli 2015; Athens, Greece

Convenors: Wolfgang H. Güttel, Patrick Cohendet, Uta Wilkens

Uncovering the sources of (sustained) competitive advantage can be regarded as the „Holy Grail“ of strategic management research (Helfat & Peteraf, 2009). In search of an explanation of adaptive firm behavior, researchers have developed the concept of dynamic capabilities as “the capacity of an organization to purposefully create, extend or modify its resource base” (Helfat et al., 2007: 4). Dynamic capabilities have taken center stage in explaining organizational change processes in certain dimensions including innovation, entrepreneurial behavior, organizational transformation or coping with crises (see e.g. Ambrosini & Bowman, 2009; Easterby-Smith et al., 2009, Vogel & Güttel 2013). The dynamic capabilities view (DCV) is designed to give a theoretical framework for specifying routinized adaptation processes as well as actors’ influences on renewal (Eisenhardt & Martin, 2000; Teece et al., 1997; Zollo & Winter, 2002; Teece, 2007).

With respect to future research it is an important question how exactly the organizational and the individual level interact and reflect the broader institutional environment in order to practice change. It is the aim of this sub-theme to bridge research from strategic management with organization studies and to give emphasize to practices of strategic change reflecting institutional, organizational and individual actors’ influences and interactions from a dynamic capability perspective.

Contributions on a theoretical-conceptual and an empirical basis that try to uncover dynamic capabilities for practicing change in general and/or that specify context factors are invited and encouraged.

Deadline for the submission of short papers: 12.1.2015

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