37th GESIS Method Seminar (July, 10-18, 2017)

The GESIS Methods Seminar will take place from 10th to 28th July in Cologne.It is aimed at graduate students in the social sciences and humanities as well as related fields.

It consists of five courses, three in German, two in English – all are research based and teach practically relevant skills. The Basismodul, Aufbaumodul I, and Aufbaumodul II are held in German and teach basic knowledge and skills on how to analyse quantitative, scientific data. The Big Data-Modules I and II are held in English and convey knowledge and skills from data science – for example, how to handle and analyse large amounts of data from the internet.

More information and registration here https://training.gesis.org/?site=pDetails&pID=0x2285A1505F2E4A4698D861A1BD0C8F77.