Review Processes & Research Ethics

Institution: Fakultät für Betriebswirtschaft, Universität Hamburg

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Michel Clement (Universität Hamburg)

Dates: block course: December 5th 2016 and January 10th 2017

Location: tba

Course Value: 1 SWS or 2 LP

Course Overview:
This course will give an introduction in review processes of journals specialized in the management and marketing area and/or media management and media economics. It also aims to teach how to review for journals and how to write response notes within a review process. The course also focuses on research ethics within review processes

Course Contents:
This course will focus on review processes. Topics include:

DAY 1:

1. The Author’s View: The submission process of various journals (Management Science, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Information Systems Research). Discussion of the submission steps:

a. Submission requirements
b. What to submit
c. Editor selection
d. Reviewer selection
e. Data requirements

2. The Editor’s View: Analysis of the submission systems and reviewer selection.

a. Reviewer selection
b. Decision making process
c. Reviewer evaluation

3. The Reviewer’s View: How the evaluate a paper. Guidelines on writing a review.

4. Ethical issues in the review process.

a. Cases of misconduct
b. Reviewer selection
c. Reviewer exclusion
d. Authorships
e. Conflict of Interest

5. Guidelines of how to write a review. Participants receive a paper that they are asked to review until the second part of the course. The reviews are then dis-cussed and the participants then receive the original reviews and the revision notes by the authors to learn how their assessment of the paper matches with the original review.

DAY 2:

6. Discussion of the reviews.

7. Guidelines of how to write revision notes.

8. Guidelines of how to write a response letter.

Individual (or two-person team, with permission) review assignments will be required. Own research questions and papers are very welcome to be discussed in the course.

Please also study the following texts / blog:

Albers, Sönke (2014): Preventing Unethical Publication Behavior of Quantitative Empirical Research by Changing Editorial Policies, Journal of Business Economics, 84 (9): 1151-1165.
Holbrook, Morris B. (1986): A Note on Sadomasochism in the Review Process: I Hate When That Happens, Journal of Marketing, Vol. 50, No. 3 (Jul., 1986), 104-108.

Assessment: Assessment will be based on active participation and performance on assignments. Grading for students of University of Hamburg will be pass/fail.

Registration: Please e-mail Michel Clement: until 01. November 2016 (Please remember that places will be allocated in order of received registrations)