GIGA Hamburg: Computer-Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis

Institution: German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA)

Lecturer: Dr. Susanne Friese, QuaRC

Schedule: 16.-17.11.2015

Place: GIGA, Neuer Jungfernstieg 21, 20534 Hamburg, Germany

Registration: Online via the GIGA website

Course description:

The course starts with an overview of analysis approaches to qualitative data in order to provide the context for coding approaches that are mainly used when using software to support the analysis process. As part of the course, the software ATLAS.ti is introduced and you learn how to set up a project, how to prepare and code data. Throughout the course, the technical aspects of the analysis process are related to methodological considerations, as just knowing the mouse clicks will not help you to conduct your analysis. Students will have the possibility to present their project. If you want to do so, please get in touch with the instructor one month before the course, so we can discuss where you are at and where your presentation best fits in.

About the lecturer
Dr. Susanne Friese studied Nutrition, Home Economics, Family Resource Management, and Marketing at the universities of Bonn and Oregon (USA). During her studies she became interested in qualitative research methods and computer-assisted data analysis.
In 1996, she founded QUARC, a consultancy that specializes in procedures and methods of qualitative data analysis, with a special focus on computer-aided qualitative data analysis software (CAQDAS).

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