Call for Papers: Explicating the Multi-Level-Perspective of Dynamic Capability Research

9th SKM Symposium

Call for Papers
Explicating the Multi-Level-Perspective of Dynamic Capability Research
21./22.9.2015; Bochum

Program comittee: Jörg Freiling, Martin Gersch, Wolfgang Güttel, Jochen Koch, Birgit Renzl, Uta Wilkens

The 9th SKM Symposium aims to further explicate the multi-level perspective in dynamic capability research. In this regard, various fields could be discussed in depth, for example routinized action of organizational renewal, group dynamics for enhancing actors’ contributions to organizational change, leadership behavior as a moderator between the individual’s competences and organizational capabil-ities, the role of regional actors and institutions, or the relevance of particular projects that shape organizational dynamic capabilities. Since introducing more and more variables to the field of research seems not helpful to clarify the issues mentioned, it is essential to further elaborate a consistent the-oretical basis that combines the individual and the organizational level, respectively the organizational and the institutional level. Moreover, empirical analyses are appreciated in order to focus variables of clearly strategic impact. Therefore, we invite and encourage theoretical and/or empirical contributions that further elaborate on dynamic capabilities by facing institutions, organizational structures, pro-cesses, projects or individuals’ and managerial action and interaction.

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 31.3.2015

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