SOEPnewsletter 93/July 2011

The new SOEPnewsletter 93/July 2011, is now available and can be downloaded from our homepage:

We provide information about:

*** SOEP Data

  • The new SOEP 1984–2010 data release (v 27)
  • What‘s new in SOEP 1984–2010 data release
  • CNEF—revised variables on household income
  • More comprehensive information on revisions of the SOEP data
  • How to become a SOEP Beta User
  • DOIs for the SOEP data
  • The new 2011 SOEP User Survey
  • How to protect the SOEP data on your computer when using services like DropBox, MegaUpload, and RapidShare

*** News from Cornell

  • New SOEP and CNEF Data
  • SOEP/CNEF access procedures
  • SOEP/CNEF Data Users Workshop at Cornell University, September 8–10, 2011
  • Cornell Conference on Cross-National Research, September 8, 2011
  • CNEF in the National Science Foundation Infrastructure Report

*** Events

  • SOEPcampus@Uni-Bielefeld/datalab@uni-bielefeld, September 26-30, 2011 (in German language)
  • SOEP at ESRA 2011 in Lausanne/Switzerland, July 18–22, 2011
  • SOEP at ASA 2011 in Las Vegas, August 20-23, 2011

*** Comment: SOEP at the new DIW Berlin research cluster “Public Finances and Living Conditions”

… and much more!

The SOEP group wishes you a happy SOEPing!

Elke Holst
editor SOEPnewsletter